Partigen 1.0 Now Available

Here it is folks, Desuade Partigen is now available for immediate purchase.

It’s been a crazy past 18 months getting here, but it’s finally done. For now.

I’d like to personally thanks Michael, Cole, Karl, Pete, Jay, Steph, Mom & Dad, the rest of my family, and anyone else I forgot that has put up with the entire ordeal. I love you all and sincerely appreciate all the support for over the past year and a half. I won’t say that I couldn’t have done it without everyone, because that’s far too cliche, but I will say that it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful without you all.

I’ve put the last year of my life into this, and it’s been worth every minute.

I sincerely hope you enjoy using Partigen!

2 thoughts on “Partigen 1.0 Now Available”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Cool component! Is it possible to use this in Flex? I don’t have a need for it now but I really like it.

    PS I had trouble using your sales/inquiry contact form:

    Support Contact Form
    Submission Failed

    Anti-Spam Trap 1 Field Populated: You populated a spam trap anti-spam input so you must be a spambot. Go away!

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