Hiring AS3 Developers and Designers

Petty client work, ridiculous deadlines, projects without passion, monotony of the same old thing, day after day – work that doesn’t really mean anything.

Sound familiar?

But what if you could break out, and let your true abilities really shine, and be appreciated by thousands of new friends…

Let me ask you: have you ever wanted to be a part of something revolutionary in your industry? To create something that thousands of people use and rely on everyday, that really changes the face of an entire culture? How many chances does one get to do anything that’s actually really something?

Are you a talented and experienced AS3 ninja that can create OOP and MVC classes and engines as easily as one sleeps? Someone that really loves working on opensource projects to better the world. Or how about an interface rockstar that gets giddy when a transition has the prefect blur and alpha value that really makes the difference?

Have you been looking for that really glamourous and bleeding edge project that allows your creativity and attention to detail to take over, a time where everything goes by quickly because you’re having so much fun doing something that nobody else has done before?

Well – now’s the time. Here’s that one opportunity to be a leader in your field now that you can feel that passion really burning to be on the cutting edge of something better, even magical.

Someone’s looking for just that; someone’s looking for you. Get in touch now, won’t you?