Desuade Website Relaunched! v2 is live:

The original website has been up for about 2-3 years, and it was time for a refresh. The first design was, in my opinion, a beautiful work of a typography-based design, but like most people, I felt it was too much text. That, along with new products and a slew of new experience, it was long over-due for a re-haul.

The new site is a bit snazzier, and although there is still a bit of typography work, I feel there is a healthy balance of graphics and text.

Most importantly, the new site is smaller, easier to maintain, and straight to the point. Get what you want, and get it fast. It’s all about logical, coherent, instant gratification.

Next month, Partigen 2 will be launched. Until then, the Partigen pages in the site are logically unavailable, since Partigen 1 is not being sold anymore.

Over the next few days there will be some tweaking here and there of content and backend optimizations, so a few site quirks may occur.

Any feedback on navigation, page layout, or content would be appreciated. The user experience is what counts, and if something missing, please let me know!

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