Desuade Partigen 2.5 In The Works

Just a little update on what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Desuade (aka my laptop).

With tremendous help from Peter Elst, we’re working on getting Partigen backported to AS2 for those of you still required to use it. AS2/AS3 components for the plugin will be provided together in 1 package for the same price. Unlike most other component developers, I don’t feel the need to ask for more money just for another language (even though it’s almost double the work). The goal is to get the AS2/AS3 version working seamless as possible, regardless of which you’re using in your document.

Releasing new versions of the extension is a big effort (1-2 weeks of packaging, documentation, site updates, testing, etc), so instead of releasing many 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 updates, I’ve decided to just do 1 big shebang as version 2.5 with lots and lots of improvements to the plugin (and libraries). There’s really a lot of free goodness coming with this update, and here’s a sneak peak of what will be new since v2.0:

  • (Maybe) Particle filter support
  • (Maybe) Faster performance with better pooling
  • Flash CS5 and AS2 Support
  • Emitter prefetching (start emitters as if they’ve already been running)
  • BitmapRenderer now starts/stops automagically (no need to start()/stop() renderers anymore)
  • Lots of other new BitmapRenderer goodies
  • Renderer support via XML (allowing preset bitmap effects in the UI!)
  • New BitmapCanvas component to simplify BitmapRenderers
  • Particle Blendmode
  • Use any DisplayObject as a particle without needed to extend it
  • Improved Particle grouping with Bitmaping support
  • Indicators always show in IDE development mode
  • New and improved presets
  • Lots of bug fixes and refinements

So there you have it, a sneak peek at the new features in Desuade Partigen 2.5! If you’ve taken a look at some of the demos recently, you’ll see Partigen 2.5 in action.

Due to working with two code bases now, both AS2 and AS3, development time will take a bit longer, with a planned release sometime early summer. After that, effort will be put into documentation, tutorials, and examples.