Condolences to Our Friends in Japan

The tragedy of the huge earthquake and tsunami that recently hit Japan has shaken the world. I can’t even begin to imagine the suffering our brothers and sisters in all of Japan are feeling at this moment, and the strain on their lives and economy. My heart goes out to all the families affected by these recent events, and wish a speedy recovery.

I would like to offer a completely free license for Partigen 2 to all Flash designers and developers in Japan. I know it’s nothing compared to what has been lost, but it’s the least Desuade can do to help those that can use the extra help in their Flash jobs or freelance work in this time of hardship. If Partigen can help even one Japanese family get additional work and earn more money to help them during (and after) this crisis, it will be worth everything.

If you are a Flasher currently in Japan, please send an email to support |at| from a .jp email address, with your full name, during the next month, and I will send you a complimentary Partigen 2 license.

If you’re a company that can provide some free service or product to those truly need, I urge you to help out your fellow man in any little way you can. No act of kindness is ever too small.

One thought on “Condolences to Our Friends in Japan”

  1. Just found out about Partigen tonight, and I love what I see so far. Knowing it’s developers are people that write the kind words above makes the product even better. Great to see great people making great products.

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