Desuade Is Officially Closed

Wow, what a journey. After 7 years of Flash, design, development, and helping tens of thousands of designers and developers around the world with their special effects, it is now time to saw goodbye for good.

Flash is no longer the massive industry it used to be, and with my personal career headed in a totally different direction, the run is over. I’ve learned so much, and as my first ever business, this was an incredible successes to have not only Fortune 500 clients, but Eric Jordan of 2Advanced – my inspiration to learn Flash.

I will be keeping the site up for those of you still interested and dependent on Desuade libraries for the foreseeable future, but will no longer be offering Partigen 2.5 for sale or support.

If you’d like to keep up with my new life, a world of holistic personal development and dating skills, you can follow me at:  The Polyman – Personal Development For Conscious Men

I wish you the best in your success and in life, thank you so much for your support through the years and for allowing me to pursue my dreams.