DMP and Partigen 2 Beta 3 Now Available

The Desuade Motion Package and Partigen 2 libraries have undergone some big changes from the first beta release to the current near-final releases. If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, now’s the time to get curious as the API is reaching a very stable point.

This release offers a 200% speed improvement for tweens, due to a small syntax change and internal rendering. The ‘target’ property is now outside of the tweenobject and physicsobjects that are passed in the constructor.

I know that causes some backwards compatibility issues, but I figured the speed was worth it – and again these are beta releases so nothing is final yet.

It’s nearing the end of the beta, so now is your chance to get your input heard. You should download the betas now: and let me know what you think!

Partigen 1.1 Being Discontinued

In preparation of Partigen 2, the current version of Partigen 1 will be discontinued at the end of the month. This means that you only have until May 31st to get your license for Partigen 1.1.

Support for Partigen 1.1 will continue to the end of this year.

It’s understood that this may affect a small percentage of users that still use AS2. In order to continue the kind of innovation Desuade is known for, focus needs to be placed on the future and the majority of Flash users have made the transition to AS3. Partigen 1 is over 3 years old and it is time for it to retire and make way for version 2.

Thank you for your support in this move to better serve the Flash community as a whole.

*Update: The Desuade website is currently being redesigned and prepping for relaunch in the coming weeks. Due to the original short-notice, Partigen will still be available for purchase until the new launch.

Partigen 2 & Desuade Motion Package Beta Soon

I’ll cut to the chase this post, so I can get back to working.

Big news: the engine for Partigen 2 and the new Motion Package that powers it, are done. The documentation is being made now, and will follow with examples.

As previously announced, it will be open source. Free. As in beer.

Once the documentation is done, all current customers will have the opportunity to beta test the package before it’s released, as a special thank you and appreciation of your support.

Note: this is for just the source code and classes aimed at AS3 developers, no presets or interface.

Partigen 2 in Development – AS3 Particle Effects!

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I have updated the community on what’s happening with Desuade and Partigen, so I thought I’d take a moment to do so because I’m sure you’re curious.

Partigen 2 – Ok, so cat’s out of the bag. Partigen 2 has been under development for a few months now, and will be entirely in AS3 for Flash CS3 and CS4. Partigen is being completely rewritten from scratch, and will make 1.1 look like a square wheel – it’s almost too powerful.

This time around, something’s going to be different. The Partigen 2 engine and ActionScript classes will be released 100% free, Open Source. That’s right, you read that correctly – free. It will be distributed and open for contributions from the public via github.

There will still be a commercially supported plugin for Flash, for those users who wish for this and all the same preset effects and easy point and click configuration. Again, this is going to blow the previous version out of the water.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering, when exactly is it going to be released, weren’t you? Well if you’re compelled to know all about Partigen, then I would have to say you can feel excited about beginning to get anticipated for the release in about 2 months!

So tell everyone you know now, get them excited about it – because Partigen 2 is going to be epic, and it’s just like when you were a kid, the night before Christmas, feeling giddy with excitement, waiting for just what you wanted this all along.

You can expect more updates soon!