Desuade Partigen 2.5.2 & Motion Package 1.5.2 AS3 Classes Released

Over the past few months since the release of Partigen 2.5, there’s been over 3 thousand downloads of Partigen and the DMP.


There hasn’t been a single (legitimate) bug reported since the release of Partigen 2.5.1. (Over half a year!)


How many other development companies have such a tested and rock-solid product, let alone be able to claim it’s practically bug free?


That being said, I’m always on the lookout for un-noticable bugs and ways to improve the engine, so with this update, I’ve done just that. The biggest improvement is the automatic handling of pooling memory. In the previous release, objects stayed in memory to improve performance, even if the engine was no longer running. Now, every time you stop an emitter or tweens go idle, the engine quietly removes unnecessary objects from memory.

Also, there’s a new ParticleEvent for FINISHED. This gets called when the last living particle gets removed and checked into the pool. This is super handy when you stop an emitter and there’s particles still alive, and you want to know right when the effect finishes (which can be a few seconds after you stop it). This was actually made so the pools know when to purge all the objects out of memory safely.

This is a recommended drag and drop update for those concerned with memory issues with either engine. The Partigen2 Plugin has also been updated with these improvements in both the component and UI, so you should see better memory management across the board.

(Tip: If you notice a lot of flux in memory when running emitters, try creating a new BasicPool with a high expandsize (200+) for the emitter. The pools now will increase AND decrease the size based on need, so you can tweak it to suit your needs if performance is really critical)

The online API has also been updated to the latest released as of this post.