Partigen Reviewed In Layers Magazine

Marcus Geduld from Layers Magazine has reviewed Partigen in the recent November/December 2007 issue of Layers Magazine.

While giving it a rating of 4/5, Marcus calls Partigen a “fantastic plugin” and saying that he “grudgingly admits this blows After Effects out of the water”.

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4 thoughts on “Partigen Reviewed In Layers Magazine”

  1. While Partigen’s limited demos and supposed code structure look awesome, a statement like “blowing after effects out of the water” is totally ludicrous. After Effects is like 1000 times more powerful in visual effects than any 40K piece of AS code. Besides one is motion graphics for broadcast and the other is a cool web-based Flash Player particle engine – two totally different animals.

    Anyway, it looks very cool. I have developed my own particle engine for flash recently and thought of selling it when I came across yours. Mine is as cleanly object oriented as yours, with proper parent/child relationships and particle emitters that have collections of particles, and particles that know when to kill themselves and can broadcast trappabble events too — but you’ve taken it so much farther by adding XML format types, component / IDE control of it, and presets. Very cool.

    While one of my corporate clients does like to publish mission critical web flash apps in FP6 exclusively – still even in 2008! – to ensure the widest possible audience. Since mine uses Tweener for animation I couldn’t be bothered rewriting it with MCTween or something else for FP6 compatibility.
    I also haven’t added FP8 filters like motion blur to it yet, but I was surprised at the performance (assuming my particles weren’t complex animated movieclips and then it was pretty bad for anything over 10 particles/sec).

    Anyway, if you have a demo or interactive demo app with code sample generator online – I’d love to see it. Thanks for pushing the limit of what is possible with Flash. :)

  2. I screwed up that sentence above with cut and paste… I meant to say: “while my clients prefer FP6 – it is impressive that you have FP6 support as I found it a pain to go that far back”…. :)

  3. I think what he meant by “blowing AE out of the water” is the package as whole out of the box: the ease of use, presets, amount of control, etc. I don’t think he was comparing the raw power and capabilities, which, I would agree with you, since they are very different animals.

    FP6 was actually removed in the initial stages, but the 2nd (yes the second) rewrite brought it back in. I tried using as generic (least player-specific) code as possible, and AS2 only goes back to FP6, so there it is. It could have been FP8 only, and had a lot more bang, but at the time of development, it was still a new player.

    Partigen 2 (whenever that’s started), will take Partigen to an entirely new level in AS3. I still feel Partigen is a revolutionary product in the Flash industry, but lack of marketing and major buzz (and it being commercial) didn’t make it so apparent. I’m glad people like you understand what’s trying to be accomplished with it.

    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them very much.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Yes, please don’t let my above disclaimers (or potential competition ;) – probably not) dissuade (desuade ;) ) you. Although I have yet to buy/play with a demo. It seems like a very significant piece of work and I wish you much success with it.

    I only spent a couple of weeks at most on my mini FP7+ particle engine and although it has plenty of features (though no physics yet) it does not cover the depth and breadth and assuming your presets and xml libraries work as advertised – the ease-of-use that your Partigen does. I’m quite impressed. I was initially taken aback at the price point, but I can see that 18 months of work is alot and the documentation seemed thorough and clean – that alone I can see would save most developers at least an hour or two – which would pay for this easily.

    If I have a need for a particle engine that is beyond what I’ve made for myself, then I’ll certainly be buying Partigen!

    Good luck with it and I hope it is a success. :) Though I really would like to see an online swf of decent size somewhere with sliders and dropdowns so one could change the params in realtime and see the generator in action – your demos on this site are very small and limited. Such an interactive demo – with a mini-code or you xml format generator for the modified generator that the user is playing with would be a good way to understand the coding and power of your component… Just a thought. :-)

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